Ustadh Akeel Jeraal began memorising the Qur’an from an early age and many years later, he began a path pursuing the Islamic Sciences. He has studied under traditional scholars including Shaykh Haroon Hanif, Shaykh Ibrahim Osi Efa having completed both the Micro Madrasa and Arabic Madrasa courses. With a keen interest in Arabic, he is still currently furthering his studies.

He has taught basic aqida (beliefs), fiqh (Islamic law) and spirituality as part of the Foundations of Faith course, fiqh and inner aspects of fasting and is due to teach seerah (prophetic biography) on behalf of Rawdah Trust.

Ustadh Hassan Ismail began attending circles of knowledge in his locality in his late teens as a response to the challenges being made to Muslim identity at the time. He began studying on more holistic programmes after graduating from university, including the isyllabus diploma and intermediate level course with Shaykh Ruzwan Muhammad and Shaykh Amer Jamil, and the Micro Madrasa and Arabic Madrasa courses with Shaykh Haroon Hanif and Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa. At present, he is furthering his studies in the Islamic disciplines and social sciences. He has taught basic aqida (beliefs), Hanafi fiqh (Islamic law) and spirituality as part of the Foundations of Faith course on behalf of Rawdah Trust.

Ustadha Amina Sheikh has studied at the hands of traditional scholars including Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa and Ustadha Nagheba Hayel, and Shaykh Haroon Hanif, who in particular has encouraged her to teach.

She has taught various courses previously including essentials of belief, purity and prayer, menstruation, zakat, and funeral rites.

She is a qualified GP working in Leeds and in her religious studies she is currently focusing on Arabic and Islamic law, particularly around women’s issues.

Ustadha Hajra has completed the Micro Madrasa programme with Shaykh Ibrahim Osi Efa and Shaykh Haroon Hanif, and after completing the Greensville Arabic Madrasa programme continued to play an active role in supporting female students at the Arabic Madrasa. She has continued seeking sacred knowledge with her teachers and has previously taught tajweed to sisters.