Help us continue our work

Rawdah trust is a non-profit organisation (UK registered charity number: 1205017) dedicated to serving and educating the community; we rely on your generous donations to continue our work.

Please use either the donation form or the bank details below to donate.

A monthly donation, even if small, will help us to meet our ongoing financial commitments in a more stable and predictable manner.

An investment without loss

“Those who recite God’s scripture, keep up the prayer, give secretly and openly from what We have provided for them, may hope for a trade that will never decline: He will repay them in full, and give them extra from His bounty. He is most forgiving, most appreciative.”
Surah Al Fatir (29:30)

The Qur’an: A New Translation. M.A.S Abdel Haleem

Sending payment using our bank details directly will ensure we receive 100% of your donations:

Name: Rawdah Trust
Sortcode: 30-98-97
Account Number: 81647560

What we will be using your donations for:

We are in the process of securing a premises to enable us to offer more classes and activities for the local community in Leeds. We need your support to be able to do this.

Examples of our main costs include;
Monthly rent and rates
One off purchase of equipment such as tables and chairs for a classroom of around to 50 people.
Replacement of old or faulty equipment
Investing in teaching materials and resources
Finding teachers that are suitably qualified to deliver classes to a high standard
Arranging lectures by visiting speakers and scholars