Foundations of Faith

Rawdah Trust runs the “Foundations of Faith” course every year. Classes are taught over 10 weeks and aim to cover foundational aspects of beliefs, ritual purity and worship, and spirituality.

Sister’s Classes

Women’s classes that we have previously run include tajweed classes and the Fiqh of Female purity. We are in the process of expanding what we offer with respect to classes for sisters. Please contact us if you have any requests for women’s classes or activities.

Weekly mawlid gatherings

Rawdah Trust have regularly been running weekly readings of “The Shimmering Light” in our “Heavenly Meadows” gatherings. The Shimmering Light is a ode in praise of Muhammad (ﷺ), the Emissary of God that is normally recited with spiritual poems interspersed throughout.

Monthly talks

Guest speakers are invited on a monthly (or nearly monthly) basis to give talks on broader subjects of interest, from the biographies of key figures to the end of times from the view of Islamic eschatology.

Walking club

In the modern world, it is important to time the time out to reconnect with nature and the natural state of man. The Rawdah Walking Club is a humble attempt to help us all reconnect with nature and improve our physical fitness.