Our Mission

To empower individuals with the light of sacred knowledge, connecting hearts and minds to a holistic understanding of Islam, thereby uplifting and transforming the community.

Rawdah Trust is a non profit, educational organisation based in Leeds which was established with the lofty yet simple aim of reconnecting ourselves and the wider community with the teachings and ideals of the Islamic tradition.

At the core of our vision, we aspire to transform and strengthen the community through the embodiment of the holistic teachings of traditional Islam as was practised by the majority of Muslims throughout history, and has been passed on from our teachers to us.

We hope to share these teachings and create opportunities for individuals to learn about Islam in an open environment, emphasising the combining of knowledge and practise, the letter and spirit of the law.

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:

“The believer is like a bee, it eats that which is pure and wholesome and lays that which is pure and wholesome and when it lands on something,  it does not break or ruin it”

Narrated by Imam Ahmad in his musnad and Ibn Hibban.